Monday, December 22, 2014

Must Watch Christmas Movies

Christmas is only 3 days away and I have been scrambling to get all my presents bought and wrapped. Its been a crazy weekend but I am finally all done! Now I have free time to do my favorite holiday activities such as baking Christmas cookies, hanging out with my family, and my favorite watching Christmas movies. These are my must watch movies every year!!

The Polar Express- Every year in Christmas Eve, I go to my dads house for dinner and to open presents (perks of having divorced parents, DOUBLE the presents) and every year we watch this movie. 
The Santa Clause (1,2,&3)- I love Tim Allen and these movies are so funny and gets me right into the spirit. When I was younger I would watch these over and over again in hopes that one day my dad would become Santa!
Jingle All The Way- As a kid this was by far my favorite movie, not entirely sure why but I had it on VHS and would watch it every night before bed.
Holiday in Handcuffs- This is an ABC Family original and its on the newer side but I love watching it. I think its so cute and it shows how crazy love can be plus is during my favorite time of the year!
Fred Claus- I love Vince Vaughn and this movie puts a twist on Santa Claus. What would you do if your brother was Santa? 
A Christmas Story- This is my dads favorite movie and he always had it on when I was a little kid. Plus it plays for 24 hours strait on Christmas day on TNT so you can always just put it on when you have some down time on Christmas.
And now my all time favorites!
Elf- Every week starting in mid November, my best friend  and I would watch this after school and I can almost quote the whole thing. This should be on everyone's top list because it is just hysterical!
How The Grinch Stole Christmas- This movie is just a classic. I love Jim Carey. He is the funniest man alive. I watch this multiple times every year because how can you not. Its by far my favorite Christmas movie.

What's your favorite Christmas movies?


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